This is the longest lasting keratin treatment I’ve had and can only put it down to following the after care advice I was given in the salon and using the after care products. Highly recommended!”

CharlieB28, London, UK

“I have had 3 Amazon Shine Brazilian Keratin Treatments done at G Salons and would not go anywhere else now to get it done. They are always professional and go through a very thorough consultation before each application, with tips on how to maintain and care for it so that you get the best result. Never experienced that level of attention to detail and professionalism at other salons that have done my keratin treatment. Now I have my colour done at the same visit as my keratin – highly recommend you do the same. My colour has never looked so glossy and vibrant.

Having used the products after my second treatment, the results speak for themselves. They are worth every penny as they definitely help to reduce time between treatments and they last me 3 months!!!! I’m actually saving money now on hair products as the normal shampoo and conditioner I used cost about £6.00 each and I needed to replace them every month. 100% hooked!”

Marianar, London, UK

“Wow! the results are amazing. My hair, which is extremely thick and course, is so smooth and silky to touch. Two months later and having returned to an extremely humid South Africa, my hair still feels and looks amazing. At long last no more frizzy bush in the humidity and so much easier to manage…just wash and go!

I am using the after care products religiously. I love the mask and use it weekly as a deep treatment as well as a barrier to chlorine and sea water when I swim. The products are extremely reasonably priced given they last – I still have not finished my first bottle which I bought 2 months ago.”

Cynful, Cape Town, South Africa

“I was a bit dubious about having a keratin treatment but was so sick of my unruly barnet that I thought I’d give it a go. My hair looked great immediately after the treatment, lovely and smooth and straight. My hair is normally thick, bushy, wavy (but not in an attractive way!).
8 weeks on from the treatment and I am amazed that I can still see the benefits of the keratin, and I am glad that I bought the shampoo and conditioner as I am sure it makes a difference. After blowdrying, my hair is noticeably straighter than before the treatment, and it takes only minutes with the straighteners to get it how I like it, whereas I used to spend 30-40 min using the straighteners.”
Bobble, London, UK

“A great place, with a great vibe! The hairdressers are skilled professionals- try out their Amazon Shine Keratin Brazillian Blowdry- definitely the best thing I ever did for my daughter’s hair!

ERAB, London, UK

They may seem pricey but be 100% sure, you will get every penny value back that you spend there.

Fatima, London, UK

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  1. I have been going to this Salon for the past 5 years for my Keratin Brazilian treatments and, having tried other salons I can say they are the best for this product.
    The team is also very nice and accomodating

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